In 1730,in Ramanathapuram, a baby girl was born The people rejoiced “Finally! Our sad days are gone” “For our princess is strong, kind and brave” It was true! Oh, All the love she gave Not one language or two Oh, how many languages she knew! She practised every war skill, new and the age old One strike, her enemies knocked out cold She married the Prince of Sivagangai at sixteen She left for her a new home, one unseen It was stunning, picturesque and lush green The locals rejoiced “There comes Velu Nachiyar, our new queen She gave birth to Vellacci, her lovely daughter, Her days were filled with joy and laughter Until one day the Nawab of Arcot, Walla Jah ordered “Search every place, every corner and border” He killed the king and wanted the queen dead “No! I will never submit to them” she said “Run away with the baby, Rani” the Maruthu Pandiars shouted She fled crying while the loyal brothers scouted “Where is the queen?!” shouted the Nawab “Not one soul will answer you, saab” “Is that so Udaiyal? Look at this, a loyal pal” He beheaded her and threatened all the locals “That’s what you get when you’re too vocal” The Rani sought the help of Sultan Hyder Ali They set up a plan to make the Britishers flee He sent her 5000 infantries and cavalry “Let your citizens and India be free” Velu changed her camp place to place She waited for 8 years, moved at her own pace Meticulously she built her loyal pack But there was only one setback She asked Kuyili, “How can we enter the gates?” “Rani, I have an idea that will rewrite our fate” “With concealed weapons our women will leave and stab those wretched English thieves” On the 10th day of Vijaydasami, festivities began, The women stabbed every single British man Towards the ammunition depot Kuyili ran she wanted to destroy it, to save her clan She dipped herself in a barrel of ghee “For the one true queen!” she cried with glee She set herself and the depot ablaze Burnt bright and loud like the sun’s rays With rage, the queen barged into the gate “You can’t run Walla Jah, it’s too late” She put him in a depressing dark cell Velu wanted him in pain, in it he must dwell And so, the kingdom was given back to the rightful, Sivangai’s citizens never felt so delightful She was called Veeramangai Rani, ever so swift For those loyal to her, she gave various gifts Ruled it for 10 years, before she stepped down Much indeed, she was perfect for the crown Here we are, at the end of this tale With the valiant queen dead with heart ail Her palace still stands tall in her town, speaks of a queen that made the English clowns.