I chose to study at Leeds College of Music,
mainly for two reasons. At LCoM, the community
of music is huge. The facilties,
because they’re amazing. There are so many opportunities
with so many other musicians. And also for the city, it’s really
incredible and no matter what type of person you are, Leeds
just feels like home almost straight away, as
soon as I came. The Songwriting pathway at
Leeds College of Music is suitable for any writers,
composers or artists that want to be a part of
making music in a contemporaray,
collaborative environment. There’s a huge benefit to
studying Songwriting at LCoM, which is that you’ll be surrounded
by lots of very capable musicians, producers, agents, managers,
promoters. So not only will you be learning to develop your
songwriting craft, but you will also have the facility
around you to realise those songs and bring
them to life. I’ve developed as an
artist in a lot of ways. Some of our Songwriting students
perform their own material, but some will write for others,
so the course is designed to enable students to develop their
career in either or both of those areas whilst they’re here, so that when they
graduate their career is already up and running. I launched myself as an artist
almost as soon as I came here in first-year, and the ride
has been incredible really. It was crazy to finally have musicians
playing with me and playing my own songs and making them sound
like I’d always had them in my head. Songwriting students at LCoM, will
get one-to-one lessons every week where the tutor will work with them
specifically and their goals as a writer. The tuition and the tutors are great,
they really strive to create a personal relationship with the students and you
feel you’re able to talk to them. The quality of teaching at LCoM
is great, I study composition so my one-to-one tutor
is based around compositions. They adapt their teaching style and deliver
it in a way that’s beneficial for the student. So it can be as to ways I can write
songs better, as to maybe I’ll take an unfinished piece and they’ll
help me finish the piece. And they’re encouraged to develop
their own style, so that they’re writing is identifiable
as their own. The best project I’ve worked
on since being at LCoM
has definitely been the
European Songwriting Conference. I went to Haarlem in Holland,
and we were on a songwriters camp where we were put into groups
of three and had to write a track for a pitch based on an
artist for real-life labels. To be picked to go on
that was just incredible, the people you meet and
the connections you make. LCoM provided the opportunity
for me to go and do that. The music community at
LCoM is incredible. You need a violinst, you find a violinist,
and if I need a student to produce it’s so easy to just find somebody that
you know or write on our social media pages. I was chosen to represent LCoM in the
Liverpool Sound City festival this summer, which was
just incredible. The policy that LCoM has in terms of
not taking any copyrights from students and songwriters is great, it really helps
me especially because I am a songwriter and it’s what I want to do
when I leave LCoM. We ae often visited by representatives
from record labels both major and independent, who want to come and see
what our students are doing. In modules such a Self-Promotion,
it’s so great to be able to build up all of things that you know you’re going
to need like writing a biography for myself, and it was stuff like the Excel
spreadsheets that we did in Self-Promotion that allowed me to map out
how my finance would work which I definitely am
going to need to use. I honestly feel like if you’re
a musician then LCoM is where you’d want to be
because the community vibe it just pulls
you up.