All of the times when we
worked, he was always super energetic and
had a million ideas. Yeah, we wrote like ten songs
at the same time, realizing “yeah I think we have something here,
we have a melody or a lyric concept…” Yeah, then he moved
on to a new song “Yeah it’s finished, let’s go
to the next one” It’s like, we just started working on this one!
It was like “More, more, more”. We sat down out on his big balcony there in LA,
we talked through all the songs and we talked about “Peace of Mind”, and we
discussed this social media thing going on at the moment – that you’re always
online wherever you are in the world. You can just text this person
to do this, or do that, or to tell them something, and you can
always reach a person nowadays. So, this song is about that, about a break
from that, and not being online all the time. Everything is just fast, it’s so much,
nobody takes a break. So, I really loved that song because it’s so
obvious, it’s like a message to society. So, he was very involved with
the lyrics, all the time, always. The vibe and the production on
“Peace of Mind” is also a bit of that Red Hot Chili Peppers-meets-60s/70s.
We talked a lot about those kind of guitar riffs and that LA vibe
(and a little bit hippie also), so we tried to kind of blend in those
feelings and vibes into the riffs. It really felt like he had found that kind of energy
that I’ve seen from before when we wrote. “Hey Brother”, when he came with that whole
country perspective and that concept. So, it really felt like this was the same
feeling that I got from him back then. There was a long, long period when I couldn’t
really listen to the lyrics on the songs because I would start crying. “Peace Of Mind”
it was ridiculous to just think about that lyric after everything happened so, yeah it’s
been tough. But now it feels beautiful in a way to finish everything and just release it so
the world can hear what he was up to.