This is… I’m at the filming set for the music video of ‘Answer’ Should I do it like… Into the field~~~ Come on! I’m sorry~! Answer MV MAKING FILM I’m back after a long time,
I’m so happy that I’m the first one for the shoot This set is really awesome! I’ve tried with fire and something else but this is the first time to film in water So I’m so excited now! The music video of Answer is! ATEEZ looking back the long journey and we’re going to have a delicious meal together!! Hope you love it! STAFF: I think it’s because of the static electricity! STAFF: Should put some water! Members are preparing to take a group shot Yeo Sang is back after hair fix up Yeo Sang is back after hair fix up
To fix my hair… This is our second day of filming With someone! We’re going to have a delicious meal You’ll figure out who that is later We’re filming the group scene anyway Q. Which outfit do you prefer between yesterday and today?
A. (Thinking hard) That’s a very hard question Because I like both styles! I like both outfits of yesterday and today! (What is that?) I like that style as well! Lol Anyway… Oh! It’s so hard to choose! I love all if it’s about ATEEZ Well… Could Jung Woo Young reach it?! Can reach it?! (Deep sigh) Oh~~~~ Not enough~ He’s on his toes but can’t reach it~ No, I’m not on my toes! Hey, Woo Young. In front of you! (Watch out!) #The scene was filmed safely with experts Q. What’s Jong Ho’s favorite part in Answer?
A. (Thinking) It’s fine if it’s not your part! (Thinking) It’s fine if it’s Woo Young’s part either (Thinking) My favorite part?! (Thinking) Oh! The part I like! I like the whole parts in harmony (He’s curious about the youngest’s favorite part) No, choose one! (Obsessed) Pick a part! I believe he wouldn’t choose ‘Blah blah blah’! It’s ‘Call Call’~ Anyway! I believe you wouldn’t choose your part Q. What’s Jong Ho’s favorite part?
– Jong Ho, so what’s your favorite part? Which part? Me? I like ‘Let’s make a toast’! lol Members who go back home early saying how grateful they are You’ve done hard work for this music video as well! 8 Makes 1 Team! Thank you! Thanks for the care always! We, ATEEZ, have showed our tough and intense sides always! I think the point for this concept is self-control Self-control! That’s why I pulled down my bangs! Self-control in intensity! Please try to find that ‘low-key’ intensity Come here! (mischievous) I’m done~ I’m done as well! Ha haha Seong Hwa & Woo Young have had an interview 5 minutes ago (Because I’ve finished shooting) Happy and sad?! No x2 What did I say earlier?! You said you’re happy and sad~ I feel so, anyway! We’re done first, so we’re leaving first! We’ve enjoyed filming the music video this time as well Please wait for it, ATINY! Bye~! Continued shoot Hello! I’m Yeo Sang of ATEEZ and I’m the last one! Please look forward to Answer a lot And please support us a lot as well! Thank you so much! Bye!