It’s kind of hard to trust people now, it’s
kind of hard to open up and physically be with somebody in that light again, but it
also helped me to grow as a person and try to figure out what have I done wrong What can I do better in the next relationship. Or maybe, shit, people just is who they is. Karma was inspired by somebody I was dealing
with at the time, but it goes for any goofy nigga. I had a personal experience with niggas thinking
they could do what they want to do to a female but if the same shit was dished out, they
wouldn’t be able to handle it. I had just gotten into it with him or whatever. And my engineer wanted me to do this happy,
uptempo beat, and I was like, “No, I’ve got to get something off my chest real quick.” So I played this beat and then I just said
what I felt. You succeeded at something nobody else did
before. I was that nigga his props like, I’m always
ten toes, I’m always trying to be ahead of the game, so you actually, you did that. You got close enough to play me. You know sometimes females be like “I’m
gonna go flat his tires. I’m finna go bust his momma’s window’s
out. I’m finna go fight him.” And all that like, I ain’t even finna do
none of that. I’m gonna let you watch me glow up. Me being the one that got away is going to
hurt your mind, body and soul. When you see me loving somebody else like
I tried to love you, that’s going to hurt you ten times worse. When niggas know that they had a good female,
and they fuck up with her, and then see somebody else giving her the attention, or her giving
the same love that she was once giving him, that shit be fucking them up. Your ego is too high. You really ain’t even on shit. You’re not really even shit to be tripping
on. Karma definitely has my name on it. That’s like self explanatory. Literally. Dudes can cheat on a female several times
and a female will take them back but when a nigga pictures a female cheating on them. It’s way worse when a female cheating on a
man. Because a man is like, “A nigga just really
snatched my female.” It fucks their head up mentally. What he got that I don’t got? What made her chose him. It’s fucking with his ego a lot. A nigga hurts your feelings, you think about
all types of shit. You’re just so mad at the moment because you
trusted that person. I’m a very genuine person. I’m loyal and I’m honest. Regardless of who you end up with, if you
do me wrong, you’re going to remember that. I’m going to be that bitch that you always
remember. That female that you’re always going to care
about because I had a genuine heart. So you go on and sleep around a lot, trying
to match the love and loyalty I gave. Niggas don’t know what they had until they
lose it. And then that’s when they want to come crawling
back and I’m sorry baby, and flowers and all that. And I’m like, I don’t give a fuck no more. You should have called me when I did. Like I said, losing me is going to be the
best karma there is. I don’t do nothing but tell my truth. So to hear that a lot of females is going
through that and I’m empowering or uplifting them, I feel like I have accomplished something.