I’m sorry that when I stood up for what’s right I embarrassed you. I’m sorry my voice was so loud but I’m also sorry that you still didn’t manage to hear me I’m sorry that when I walk I don’t look lonely or unhappy or bothered by your tomfoolery and I’m sorry but it’s true you were unable to get to me. Listen I’m sorry that your plans backfired and that my life just changed for the better I’m sorry I putting me down can no longer make you better. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I started arguments at the wrong times and wrong places because oh I’m just a hijabi girl and I don’t fit in those Spaces. Speaking of my hijab I’m sorry that your child is afraid of me because you’ve taught him that I’m a terrorist. I’m sorry that he thinks the white man who is one in just in need of a therapist. I’m sorry that my personality doesn’t fit your absurd boundaries and I’m sorry, but I am not oppressed. I’m sorry that my dad’s the leader of the international peace mission and not some death to all non-muslims mission. I’m sorry. Sorry I’m not the girl you thought I was. I’m sorry that I am stronger. I’m sorry that you think by being a hijabi I’m giving up all I have to offer. Girls I’m sorry I look so much better with my hair down and then I should put it out more often. Look, I’m sorry you think my parents forced my religion on me. I mean it’s impossible that I might want to follow it, right? Anyways you know I’m sorry for offending you when I forgot to say Merry Christmas. Yeah. I’m sorry, even though, don’t worry it’s okay you can ask huh what Eid even for, every single year? Anyways I’m sorry but it’s okay because clearly you’re whines about your feelings are louder than the cries about the wounds that are healing, but Becky people are dying. I’m really sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t smile at you back at that street corner over there. I’m sorry because i know I might have frightened you with the whole… I know I should have smiled to let you know is one of the “good ones.” Look, I’m sorry you’re tired of hearing “race poems”, tired of hearing “I want my rights back” poems, tired of hearing poems that don’t pertain to your privilege. I’m sorry that it’s what my day to day problems revolve around I’m sorry that you think I owe you an apology when it’s really the other way around. Thank you.