My name is Jennifer Patterson and I’m
artistic director of All Or Nothing aerial dance theater. For Hidden Door
we’re creating a piece on the back wall of the Leith Theatre and it’s called
Windows. It’s a vertical dance, wall running or vertical dance. What we’re
able to do within the harness is different to being on the floor because
suddenly your floor is the wall and so you can really push out and jump and
because of gravity you can do things that you wouldn’t be able to do on the
floor and vice versa. There’s some things that you would love to be able to do but
you can’t because you’re constrained so it’s about how you can push and use that
as well. The piece is based on a building like a tenement building and you’d be
standing outside looking at the windows and the different characters the concept
is that the performers are inside the window and it’s the audience that are
viewing so there’s a bit of voyeurism as well, about what you see of other
people’s lives, like little snapshots. It’s inspired by Avril Payton’s
painting of a tenement building in Glasgow in the winter and films like
Hitchcock’s Rear Window. This is a work in progress as well, we’ve
started to develop it specifically for Hidden Door and the
idea is that then we’d then take it into full-length work eventually.