A WIND OF CHANGE I got these little
things to play with now. Welcome to the first
run-through, yeah! Yep, back to work! CIRQUE DU SOLEIL ALEGRÍA
Costume Workshop Here we have an Old Bird from 1994.
[Costume Designer] We put it here because
we think it’s important to remind ourselves
where we came from. When revisiting a show, we need to stay
true to the original show’s spirit. With the Old Birds, our work
is closer to physical theatre. This enables me to
create something that’s closer to the
artist’s personality, with a shape based on the
artist’s own figure. How’s training going? It’s going well.
[Powertrack] – Are you having fun?
– It was crazy this morning, but… Today, we’re doing the
powertrack fitting. He’s a Bronx. This is a group of street people
that really shake things up. Well, you know, maybe a
little more damages… It’s too perfect now. Right. So today, we brought all the costume
pieces together for the first time, with all their various
colours and textures. It went well and we were happy, which is good, because we
don’t have a lot of time. High five! Oh! This guy’s strong! I was at the beginning onAlegría,
[Makeup Designer] the original version, and now we have to revisit and
see it in a different way. What we want to do, we want to
have a little bit more skin tone. We want to have a little
bit more humanity and feel a little bit
more the artist, the faces of the artists, their natural expression, their
muscles, what they have on their face, and work a little bit
more with the real faces. Every time the
costume comes back, there is something a
little different about it. Something new? It’s always evolving, yeah. It’s amazing how much the wig brings
everything and then just solidifies it. Changes everything? Yeah, yeah. It’s fun for me as
an actor, because I see… Oh! Now it’s velvet, now it’s got all these
little buttons all over it or… I got these little
things to play with now. February 28, 2019
First run-through Welcome to the first
run-through, yeah! Bring it.
[Director] OK, first. First of all, thank you
all for your dedication. Thank you all for three
weeks of staging. It seems really big, but it’s baby steps
going to what we’re trying to achieve. But live it and love
it, my friends. OK, come on crunch it up, crunch
it up, crunch it up, crunch it up. 1, 2, 3. Thank you! Welcome to this run-through of the new
edition ofAlegría. [Creative Director] You’ll be seeing the fruits of three
weeks and three days of rehearsals. Tomorrow will be our last day
before moving to the Old Port. Thank you for being
here with us today. Have fun this afternoon!
Thank you. It went well. Well, for a first
“stumble-through”, really… Now, I have a better idea
of what we need to work on. Our doubts have been confirmed,
so we know what needs tweaking. We’re keeping everything together, it’s
working really well. [Costume Designer] In three weeks? In three weeks… Wow… These guys are troopers,
real warriors. Yep, back to work, back to work! Yeah! It’s crazy! It’s gone so fast,
and now we get to see it put up and it’s gonna be our home for the next
four months. [Powertrack and high-bar] It’s nice to share
that together. The most fun is just to have everybody
here to actually push it up. [Director] CIRQUE DU SOLEIL ALEGRÍA