When I set out with 6000 rupees
to start an airline… …the world called me a crazy fucker Pilot officer
Chandra Mahesh Kanayanam ♪’My scream has become a roar!’♪ ♪’My attitude never bows down’♪ ♪’Try and suppress me and I’d return as a sword!’♪ Ratan Tata himself
couldn’t start an airline here… …who are you man? I’m not Ratan Tata damn it! You’re quite the ‘angry man’ huh? ♪’Touch me and see!’♪ ♪’Even my silence reverberates!’♪ ♪’You’ll get crushed under the feet of a fierce horse’♪ Don’t mope around like a loser Maha! You’re out of your league. Go back
to your village and graze cows! Why the fuck should I go? ♪’Come on! Never back down!’♪ ♪’Search for the door to success!’♪ ♪’Keep hustling!’♪ ♪’I’ve changed my hunting style’♪ ♪’Now dare to touch me if you can’♪