What’s your name? I’m a musician out of tune My name is Alfian Emir Adytia I’m from Indonesia I’m a musician I started to make music at the age of nine I think My first instrument was the guitar. I play the guitar And then I learn to play the recorder And then I started to play violin. But it doesn’t work because I can’t make a vibrato. Then I quit. So at the age of thirteen, my father started to propose me to learn the cello The cello that have been kept for I think, more than twenty years never been played. This cello And then we um… fix it and then I studied. My father is a cellist, composer and conductor. And now he teach in a university in Malaysia He is the first teacher for me Not only cello And then I remember the last time I studied with him was about twelve-tone music and I composed my own twelve-tone music for only two bars. At first I don’t really dream to become a musician I only played for fun and for hobby Finally I entered the high school of music in Yogyakarta it’s called SMM Yogyakarta (Sekolah Menengah Musik Yogyakarta) From that moment I started to grow more seriously my cello skills I composed a lot I also conduct the student orchestra She said… “are you sure?” Generally in Indonesia you know, musicians are… “what you wanna eat later?” “how do you feed your family later?” These are all general questions in Indonesia it’s (music) not really something important in (for) the country I showed to my parents that I really love what I do, so… I go on and, yeah, quite far – How was your study in ISI Yogyakarta? – haha full of um… self-discovery, self-learning, um… most of my time spent actually in the internet cafe I spent most of my time there to collect informations Well we have been helped a lot by the site name… In The Netherlands is something new for me I just entered this country since 2017 I entered the conservatorium and… being awarded the scholarships that’s the reason I can (afford) study here So I really, really really thankful for this I entered a program called Ensemble Academie We work more on ensemble music-making mostly 20th century to contemporary music So, we worked a lot on new music I also joined a newly-fresh quartet called… We are working solely on living composer’s works for our formation which is composed on violin, cello, guitar and double bass I have also a cello duo project with Jascha Bordon this is a sort of pop/jazz cello (duo) Last two big events that we did thankfully it was the Jazz in de Gracht and also the previous Cello Biennale And also I formed a cello-piano duo with Kanako Abe We are seeking to work regularly on new creativity that means new music contemporary music for cello and piano and also 20th century music and undiscovered classical pieces So that’s one of the things, and lots of undiscovered things and… I’m so passionate, so interested on… you know, dig down and give you what is hidden out there there’re lots of things still. Come on we need to…yeah Recently I was working on Muse top ten riffs for cello And I continually wrote music that is cello-concerned music – What do you think about different aesthetics of music What do you think about, especially classical music for you? – Classical music is like you reading a novel you need time I know that not many people read novel and more people read manga or comic because it’s funny, it’s attractive, there’re pictures it’s so interesting but they both have the same message So, first of all let’s talk it like this so, classical music started in the church it started from inside of the building insdie of a space after that it grows then people start to discover that… “oh there’s something beyond than only one source of sound” what is called the overtone series or harmonic series but from my culture, we don’t have indoor music for instance, gamelan music gamelan music is (for) outdoor once the source of sound being played it disappeared like that or maybe the music of keroncong So, we don’t have that same culture of indoor music music was (for) outside there but I remember what Mahler said in his first symphony it was a sort of rebel to people saying that “Hey, look! Go outside and listen the nature” He put all nature’s sounds in a symphony that is crazy. Just to ask people to go out and listen So, I think there’s no need to have… western or eastern black or white There’s no need to have border, I mean, music have no border music is one and everything relates to each other From outside (view) I do a lot of music but… from inside I think, I… I do the same thing… I do music Yes and I also do improvisation – Why do you like it? – Improvisation is something out of your expectation or listener’s expectation Look, I think that music… is an event is an event that is defined by time. Back to the core of music making by classical composers also is about… giving this canvas of time to listener that is something happening in time and this is what is so interesting about it not about knowing the piece if everybody know a thing, what is so interesting? why you go to concerts? why you buy albums? why you buy records? It’s not interesting But we wanna know what is not there and… surprise us! – What is music for you? – I think music is an event I think it’s very good for us to, say to come to concerts or… to performance and come… from zero knowing nothing Because today, today’s era we know everything a lot we know every informations a lot we know everything so much, too much sometimes but… we don’t feel happy we are rich of informations we are rich of materials we are rich of money but.. I think we are not so happy I think music can bring us back… to breath as a human – So, the last question. What is your goal? What is your project as a musician? What you wanna realize as a musician and artist? So, as a musician of course, especially from Indonesia it’s not so easy This days, lot’s of platforms and lots of things we can overcome one of them is with this site called… patreon.com through this I think, many people who are interested in the same vision as me can support me and people can contribute in whatever same vision we have (share) we can go (further) and build up from this platform and I think this is a very good and healthy way in order to make music alive for a better life of all of us