Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is part of my guitar lesson series So in this video. I’ll show how to play 25 easy rock riffs from Popular songs So I’ll play them first and I’ll show how they’re played using the tabs Okay, so the first riff is Aqua by Jethro Tull Okay, let’s play like this okay fifth string fourth fret top string third fret [6th] 5th string 3rd fret fourth Third Okay, next riff is sunshine of your love by cream Okay, let’s play like this Okay, next one is [Workingman] by Rush Okay, let’s open e top two strings fifth string fifth fret top string fifth fret [E] fifth string Third fret [type] V Next one is black Sabbath the black south you G power chord is third fret position the Fifth fret fourth string fifth fret fifth string fourth fret Hammer on and off the fifth slide up Next one is pretty woman like this then Next one let’s creak pop by the ramones Okay, power chords a fifth fret top string fifth fret so a fifth string up to seventh fret [Suevel] three times and it’s a power cord again the fifth fret top string fifth string the threat x to the [8] top [shrink] fifth next one satisfaction by the Rolling stones That’s [bait]. I guess fifth string second fret food place fourth fret slide [up] the fifth slightly Forth pull off [a] second Okay, everyone Roadhouse blues by the doors the open string top top string fifth fret [sixth] [seventh] top string open [Ten] [feet] that about a thousand times X-1 paranoid by Black Sabbath Let’s play like this along with the ties up here That’s good Next is communication breakdown by that supper You top string open seven times and power Chord D fifth string fifth fret a Top string [four] threat back to the D Next one smoke on the water a deep purple Zizi Middle two strings open third little two strings right through fifth fret open sir 6/5 Open third fifth sir open Next one let’s check it to Ride by the Beatles the opening Let’s put it like this Third string second fret for the a major chord position, so they’re chewing sec fret [bottom] string first open second string second fret third [string] second fret second-string open first jungle you feel brave enough at the festering a Okay, so that’s the first 12 of 25 riffs. Okay, you may want to move on to video number, two