I’m Bobby crispy this video is part one of 25 easy rock songs for beginner guitar players okay um So in this video. I’ll show how to play eight easy rock songs Okay, first of all if you’re learning guitar and learning the chords here’s my video on how to play chords and it’s an introduction Okay, so first song is bad Moon rising by CCR which serves off as a D a gee gee That’s how it’s played through throughout the song except the ridge for goes to G-D [A] G it goes back okay, so that mean rising okay, second [song] is Wild thing by the Trogs it starts off the [A/d] II And back to D So let’s play that like that throughout most of the song except for the bridge which is like this That’s paid about four times. Just the g a g a Instead of playing the G chord you play the top string third fret just the G note then a chord it goes back to Jesus Wild thing [dramas] So I’m number three free Fallin by Tom Petty okay, I’ll show it how to play in D, but it’s Has the option of playing the cable? Because it’s that’s how it’s played But as a d on the cable, but I’ll show how to play it d regular D Source D the D Sus Get dsS for it. All you do is play the first string third fret just add the first string through fret Dss for again [D]. A this one schedule e [to] [us] pretty much straight through the whole song it’s pretty easy song Okay number four every Rose has its thorn by poison Okay, so [sort] off g four beats Then it’s a cord called see at 9:00 Which is pretty easy [I] do is play a g chord They take these two fingers here Move them up a string so it’s fifth string [third] fret and 4th string the second fret you’re adding it to And you play that for four beats? The beginning is [G4] beats you see at nine four four beats Do that four times and then after that it’s G for two beats? C at 9:00 to meet Do that twice? then d for four beats See for four beats Then [of] Course is G4 beats See at 9:00 for leads You Gotta get g? G for two beats D for two beats See for four beats G44 meat See for four beats Then the bridge is a minor for two V’s D for two beats see to be then J4G beats, so it’s that twice Okay, so that’s every move has its own [ok] somnom [5] horse. No name by America Okay, that’s a minor Tennis D6 F sharp which sounds intimidating, but it’s really easy It’s top string 2nd fret 3rd string 2nd fret top string and the Bottom [4] strings So it’s e minor 4 Beats funny D6 scored for four beats And let’s also get through the song Except for the soul which is e minor? D6 He minor A We have twice pretty Simple [song] okay Okay, song number six is the Joker Steve Miller band, so it starts off as g and see D see [although] [squads] are two beats each so it’s you That’s most get through the mostess song except with the course which is g see gee see gee see D See all for two beats, so it’s the courses Okay, that’s joker next squeeze box by the who pretty straightforward pretty loose just three chords So it’s g Was on Several measures and go study see Dr.. [D]. See and gee Okay, see the cores are exactly the same when you’re playing. It slowly you little Okay, so a squeeze box Okay, so on number eight So donna by [Ritchie] Valens. It’s in three four times, so it’s one two [three] one two three Okay, [so] the main part of the song f for four beats [B] [flat] [two] beats see for two beats you That’s supposed to get through was the song except for bridging the middle which is f 2 beats B-Flat two beats F-for two beats F7 just lift your pinky for two beats then B-flat free beats [f] for he eats D flat repeats See for four beats And goes back to the first part Okay, so that’s the end of part [1] and now you can move on to video number 2