I started the YouTube channel six to
eight months ago and I wasn’t really sure what it was going to turn into, what
the opportunities were but it turns out there are quite a lot of opportunities
running a YouTube channel even in 2019 2020, I ended up reviewing a lot of gear
pedals guitars etc so in this video I want to have a look at what I kept and
what I didn’t keep from the gear I reviewed this year, I want to start
off with the Tres 3.1 pedal board which I still have and still love especially
with the mod 1 it’s a little patch bay and it keeps everything tidy at the
back, you could probably at a push squeeze twelve pedals on there
especially with the mini pedals but I like the idea that it can really only
hold around six good pedals and that sort of grounds me not to keep buying
too many pedals and not to have too many options because I’m quite a simple guy, I
live an almost minimalistic lifestyle if I don’t use it then I have to get rid of
it I have to sell it that’s sort of who I am
so that suits me by having a limited number of pedals on there which helps me
make better choices, then I did a video on the Michael Kelly hybrid 55
Telecaster I have since sold that guitar and I sold it because of the piezo
pickups and all of the other electronics not saying that the piezo pickups are
bad they’re not they’re absolutely great but it was just a I liked the things to
be simple I like guitars to be guitars I like electric guitars to be electric
guitars and I like acoustic guitars to be acoustic guitars that particular gets
hah did me well for a gig and it served me well until I got an acoustic guitar I
would definitely buy another Michael Kelly guitar and in fact recently I was
looking at another Michael Kelly Telecaster those guitars are absolutely
fantastic for the money, then I bought the JHS little amp box to put on my
Fender Hot Rod amp still have that still use it every day when I’m sitting on my
couch just playing through the amp I can turn the amp I always have the amp at 12
and then turn the JHS little amp box and up a little bit and I get some of
the natural overdrive from the fender hot rod I almost sold to the hot rod
recently actually because of gear acquisition syndrome I was looking at
the 65 deluxe reissue because it had a more chimey tone to it and this was a
facepalm moment for me because I don’t normally fiddle with a lot of my stuff I
don’t normally spend time sitting there and fiddling around with the amp I just
sort of plug in and hopefully I get a really good tone and go but on my Fender
Hot Rod deluxe I was speaking to a friend of mine in the UK a guy called
Al I speak about him a lot in fact this is him here and I was speaking to him
because he’s had a series of fender amps he said well he just hit the bright
switch so I thought okay let’s try the bright switch hit the bright switch and
it the whole amp sort of came alive and I got a chimey Fender tone from it
and that was like a it was like a big facepalm moment and also learned a
lesson to actually spend some time getting to know your gear fiddling
around with it and sort of bonding with it because it’s something I also do with
guitars when I get a new guitar I spend time I change the strings I polish the
frets I clean the fretboard and I set it up intonation trus rod adjustments
etc because for me when it as I said earlier I’m fairly simplistic so when I
get a new piece of gear I have to justify I have to bond with it so I have
to do that with my Fender hot rod amp… guilty, and the next guitar I bought was
the fifties Road worn strat now you either love Road worn instruments or you
don’t I do so I absolutely love that guitar it’s one of those guitars that I
will never sell it was like I said earlier you bond with an instrument and
I’ve really bonded with that and that’s a good tip if you’re buying a new guitar
as a beginner that choices are so overwhelming when you go into guitar
stores the I know it’s difficult to make that choice because you’re probably just
looking at aesthetics you’re probably just looking thinking how that’s pretty
I’ll have that but after a while it’s just such a good idea
to bond with the guitar to get a feel for the neck to get a feel for the
action you know how wide the nut is the radiused fretboard etc and I have really
bonded with that guitar even though it’s a seven and a quarter radius neck so it
feels thinner yes soft v I’ve don’t know what it is but that guitar just works
for me and I’ve still got it and I still love it then I did my first pedal review
so I bought the maaske golden horse and today that’s my most successful video
and I’m not sure why but I thank you so much for watching if you did it’s always
difficult on YouTube trying to figure out why things work was it because it
was a clone clone for no money was it because I put the video magic in there
I’m not entirely sure however the videos almost reached 12,000 views in around
let me have a look here in five months so I thank you all for that
I haven’t still got the pedals I gave away all of the pedals I demoed last
year in a competition and of course you can’t just say well I’m going to give
away one or two it’s either in my mind it’s either I give away all of the
pedals I demoed this year or or not so that was part of the 2019 pedal giveaway
I then did a video on restringing a Fender guitar with vintage tuners that
was just more instructional video but within that video I had the daddario
fret polishing kit so it wasn’t so much a review on that kit but I still stand
by that and I still use it I still buy the daddario fret polishing kit and I
recommend it so yeah if you haven’t tried it then perhaps get yourself one
and just go through that go through that process next time you restring your
guitar try polishing your frets it makes such a difference that’s such a
good product then I demoed the ammoon eq 7 eq pedal that was a really usable
pedal it was a bit noisy at full treble as I explained in the video already sure
why you’d have the treble go that high if it’s noisy but it does and I haven’t
got that pedal still either I gave that away in my Christmas and giveaway at
that point I then bought a Ibanez AC 340 artwood acoustic guitar I’ve still got
that guitar and I still absolutely love it
in fact that’s my piece of gear for 2019 that particular acoustic guitar I play
it every day and I can’t help but keep picking it up and playing it it’s so
playable the action so good the tones good
I don’t see why and Ibanez haven’t sold like a million of these things I
absolutely love it it suits me I did pitch it against a Martin custom Road
Series guitar that particular guitar belonged to my brother-in-law so I just
borrowed it for that particular video I’ve still got the Ibanez still
recommend it still love it I then bought myself a mosky mini fuzz pedal it’s in
so many videos and I thought I really fancy a fuzz pedal let’s see what it can
do so I bought that and as it turns out that particular pedal wasn’t for me but
it’s one of those things isn’t it when you look back on the video I thought to
myself because in that video I said it either fuzzes or it doesn’t it’s on full
fuzz or no fuzz and what I wanted it for was just a touch of fuzz and then it was
another face upon moment when there when I gave the pedal away that was part of
the giveaway as well so I haven’t still got the pedal but it’s one of those
moments where I thought well why didn’t you back the volume off on the guitar
and you just get a touch of fuzz that way so yeah another lesson learned in
2019 then I got the KNA sg-1 acoustic pickup I’ve still got that it’s still on
my Ibanez art wood guitar and it always will be
I absolutely love that product any video I do with an acoustic guitar away where
I use the Ibanez will have that KNA sg-1 pickup on there so I’ve still
got that and I still love that product then I got the Rouen three-in-one pedal
the DAP – 1 I gave that away as part of the pedal giveaway as well that had
the distortion the delay and the reverb on it that wasn’t actually really usable
pedal because of the unique thing where you could plug some headphones in the
back of it just plug your guitar in some power and just sit on your couch and
you’ve got some distortion some delay and some reverb so it was almost like a
little a little personal practice amp for example so that was quite a unique
thing about that pedal really liked that one
then I reviewed a humbucker and a single coil pickup for the acoustic guitar I’ve
still got those pickups and I’ll be putting one on my new guitar you can see
it just behind me the other way just there
that’s my new Kremona r35 acoustic guitar which I’ll be doing a review on
pretty soon but that thing is just incredible
solid wood and the clarity from it’s amazing so I’ll be putting either the
single coil or the humbucker pickup permanently on that particular guitar as
well so I’ve still got those products and they are fantastic acoustic pickups
so I’ve still got them then I bought myself a new guitar as I said in the
video I was watching that pedal show and probably a ton of other videos online
about sonic blue strats and it’s one of those guitars that you well that I fell
in love with because we’ve all been our dream guitars and we were you go online
you think I really want that or one day I’ll have that etc and that was one of
the guitars for me still got it it’s just there absolutely love it going
through as I said oh I’m going through a bonding process with it so I changed the
strings polish the frets clean the fretboard adjusted the truss rod
slightly there was a little bit too much relief in it the intonation didn’t need
adjusting it didn’t need adjusting as I said in the video because it came in
perfect the intonated but it’s it’s me going
through like a bonding process with the guitar to really get to to love it
because when I see the guitars I think they look great but then you’ve got to
get a feel for it then I got a Lekato WS-50 wireless guitar system and has
sit in the video it was about time I got a wireless guitar system and I use that
every day so regardless of what guitar system or what wireless guitar system
that you’re after then I would recommend a wireless guitar system this thing was
only $55 it’s been fantastically reliable so I’d say just somehow or get
yourself a wireless guitar system it does help and I’ve still got it then
lastly the last video I did was the NUX Drum and loop Pro I’ve still got that
and I’m still keeping it because of the 256 backing track capacity and seven
gigabytes storage in that unit the drum sounds has said in the video could be a
little bit better but they’re perfectly usable they’re perfectly fine but the
pedal has so many functions on it so many features is – absolutely incredible
thing built like a tank and it operates really well so I’ll be
using that in future gigs when I go out with friends just on an acoustic Jam or
whatever you know we can add some drums or bass or whatever we need – just to
enhance the backing tracks a little you could probably also do some vocal
harmonies in there as well just double double up on the vocals just to lift
your live show just a little bit so here’s to 2020 as I said earlier the
opportunities on YouTube are still good they’re still there and they might not
necessarily be financial but that doesn’t matter because the big thing
about this particular platform is building relationships
and having conversations with people that leave comments in the comments
section below and also getting to know other creators it’s like a big social
circle and that’s a good thing about it because you should always get out there
in network and this has brought that opportunity for me and plus also one of
the things I really wanted to do on this channel was improve my guitar playing
and I have to because each time I make a video I’ve got to play something new
I’ve got to play something that’s original as well because of the
copyright issues so that makes me pick up the guitar even more and hopefully
over the last six months I’ve improved on guitar people have said I have so
ideal it in myself as well so thanks very much for watching thanks for
watching throughout 2019 and I’ll see you soon