Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is [pretty] Michael tolleson series So today, I’ll show how to play some riffs and licks after the [heavy-metal] scale So I’ll play them first and then I’ll show how to play note note using the tabs up above Okay, I have eight riffs [altogether]. I’ll start off with the first one which is this yesterday on the fourth string [Twelfth] fret third string [tenth] 14th [Second-string] [215th] first string 13th 17th Stay down in the 15th to 12 Second-string 13th the fourth string 8th fret 3rd string 7th tenth [second] [string] 11th first string 10th 13th Slide down to 12 ninth 10th [on] the Senate shrink [its] again slowly Okay, the second riff is this Okay, that’s on the second string 10th fret first string eighth 12 eight yeah, four times in [the] second string 12 first string 10th 13th 10th that twice so no string 9th fret [1st] string 7th 10th So say it twice 2nd string 10th fret first your [nades] 12 8 platfor times Okay, ah next riff is this Okay, that’s on the second string 8th fret seventh eighth tenth first Ring six eight Jen86 second she one-tenth eight since first Ray Mabus 10th eight second-string alone 10th eight first string 10th Eight-six [2nd] string 10th 8 so late Okay, the fourth riff is this Okay, that’s fourth string [tenth] fret third string eight 12-8 you’re that twice fourth string eight Third string 710 seventh give that twice four three six Third-string v 8 V you got twice fourth string fifth third string fourth Seventh fourth through that twice understand on the fourth string fifth fret Okay, next riff has some tapping in it this Okay, play it on the second string open Jeff tapenade Open 5th 10th 12 13 12 [okay] if fidgety [Shannon] string open fourth fret seventh fret Cobin fourth eighth [tenth] [Twelve] tell Hey seventh the first part again Mr.. Second string fifth fret okay. Here’s the next riff It’s all on the first string so twelfth fret and three times open tenth three times over center soon if Vii Ted Yes so Yes eight seventh yes fourth Yeah once again slowly Okay, nice, riff it is this In that’s fast picking on each note, so it’s all on the first ring. So it starts on the 18th fret 15th 17th 13 15 12 13 10 [Twelve] nice Then just hammer on and off on the 10th 9th Okay, last riff is this Okay, so that starts after the fourth string twelfth fret Third string 10th 14th [tenth] 1750 [and] it goes to the fourth string 8th fret Third string sounds 10th 7th second-string loves It goes 1/4 stream 10 threat Third string [912] nice So I could straighten the [13] thread There goes to the fourth string some fret Third string six nine six and second string 10th fret once again slowly Okay, and that’s a lesson. [I] hope it’s been helpful and thanks for watching