Hi, I’m Bobby Christe this guitar lesson is about hiding place of an extra-extra bluesy guitar riffs Okay, so here’s the first riff I’ll play it first Okay, all is it starts at the second string the third fret and the third string fourth fret Just kind of slide into it and play the top string at the same time And down one fret And you can do the exact same thing one octave higher For the second string 15th fret and the 3rd string 16th fret a Bit of a sheet and then slide down one fret Okay, the next riff is yes So same thing as the first rift there in that position Down one fret Down another fret Then the top string third string the second string open and Hammer onto the third string first fret Then for string second fret Okay next it’s the same as the first the previous earth before but play the bottom string as well And you can move the bottom three strings as well Sound like that so Sam is the previous riff, but just add the bottom string Okay, here’s the next one Okay, you play the bottom two strings let’s start the fifth string seventh fret Play twice and the fifth fret fourth fret Third fret gonna be seven the second fret position Okay, and this one here The top string opened and Third string 6 fret 4th string 5th fret Slide up Okay, next riff is this Okay, that’s the first and third strings for threat as well as the second string open Same thing slide down one fret to third fret Second fret a Third string open and hammer on first the fourth string fret same fret Okay, next is this So that’s at the 5th and 4th strings the 2nd fret The first fret of the 5th string The top string third fret end up and open Okay, then some rhythm That’s the top string second fret hammer onto the fourth Fifth string second fret Then you play the top string open 5th string 2nd fret and 4th Second Clean loop just repeat it Okay, the next riff is like this So just follow along with the tabs here bottom two strings second fret second string Okay, and a good way to end a Busan is like this Okay, so that’s the fifth string seventh fret top string open Twice the fourth fret top string Fifth fret Sixth fret seventh fret Top string so threat nine fifth string six red So this is in this chord here Which is topping open fifth string seventh fret fourth string six run third string six sir third string seventh fret and eighth fret on the second string Okay, that’s lesson I hope it’s been helpful and thanks for watching